Groundbreaking Technology

Cannabis Sensors Inc., is involved in research and development of novel technologies for detecting Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) in various forms through different high tech detection sensors and detection means.

Our Technologies include:


Cannsense9 is a device developed by engineers and scientists at Cannabis Sensors Inc. which detects different strains of THC through saliva. At Cannabis Sensors Inc., we are projecting to have functioning prototypes of Cannsense9 by July 2019.


Vitreousense is a device being developed by Cannabis Sensors Inc. for validating the presence of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) in a person’s body by means of machine learning and computer vision techniques which are utilized in THC detection from human eyes. Proprietary eye images and eye movement styles are captured by optical devices incorporating advanced computer vision techniques. The real time image information is further processed and trained with deep neural networks to detect THC usage and further deep neural networks are developed in machine learning techniques, which is supported by a high number of images to achieve a high accuracy.The projected date for the completion of the first prototype is December 2019.


FURAX is a device that detects and destructs Mold and Mildew within a 10 feet radius of a plant in Cannabis greenhouse. Once mold is detected around a cannabis plant, FURAX will start the Mold Destruction System, which can destruct mold/mildew and protect the surrounding plants from the affected plant. The projected date for the completion of the first prototype is August 2019. 


Cannabisense is an Aptamer based nanopore biosensor device for THC detection which is in the final developmental stages at Cannabis Sensors Inc.

Cannabisense Nanopore Biosensor combines DNA probes with solid-state nanopore for highly selective THC detection. The small molecule target detection is converted to oligonucleotide detection by target-induced strand release strategy.

The application of strand displacement strategy provides a highly sensitive nanopore sensor for the detection of THC at the nanomolar concentration level. The Cannabisense Aptamer based nanopore biosensor detects and distinguishes one-time users of Cannabis products from routine multi-time users of Cannabinoids.

The projected date for a functioning prototype for Cannabisense is estimated before September 2019. 


Aurasense is a portable battery-operated device being developed by Cannabis Sensors Inc. Aurasense detects the generated smoke resulting from the use of recreational cannabis. A multi-gas sensor system is built to detect marijuana smoke. This sensor system can distinguish marijuana smoke from tobacco smoke using several electrochemical sensors. With high accuracy electrochemical sensors, the concentrations of different gas molecules are obtained and analyzed to differentiate different smokes. The projected date for a functioning prototype for Aurasense is estimated before June 2019.

Cannabis Sensors Inc. ( )  is a Bio-engineering Federally registered start-up company,  comprising a team of engineers and scientists engaged in research and development towards manufacturing of the next generation of scientific devices to detect delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) Through Air, Liquid and other mediums.

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