Cannabis Sensors Inc.

Cannabis Sensors Inc.

Cannabis Sensors Inc. is involved in Research, Development and Manufacturing of

Biosensors that have the highest Accuracy, Sensitivity and Selectivity.

Cannabis Greenhouse Mold Detection Sensors

cannabis mold detection

This devise is designed to detect the smallest trace of mold among many healthy plants in any size greenhouse. It is easy to install and operate. Learn more … 

Marijuana Smoke Detector

A device suitable for “no-smoking” and non supervised areas such as hotel rooms, airplane lavatory and …

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Career Opportunities

jobs at cannabis sensors

We are now hiring Biochemist, Bio-engineer and Circuit Design Engineer. Please go to Careers page to read more.

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Cannabis Sensors Inc. ( )  is a Bio-engineering federally registered start-up company,  comprising a team of engineers and scientists engaged in the research and development of  next generation scientific devices that are able to detect delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) through air, liquid and other mediums.

Cannabis Sensors Inc. is a privately held company that has positioned itself for merger, acquisition or partnership to raise capital for product development venturing into detection of substances such as various types of narcotics as well as other banned products.

Cannabis Sensors is the first in the market to provide a testing platform for employers from various industries that will aid in ensuring safety targets are met and that policies concerning the level of use of banned products are adhered to. These industries would include but certainly not limited to airlines and airports, industrial and manufacturing plants, nuclear power stations, law enforcement, medical offices and hospitals, prison and detention centers.

Cannabis Sensors has developed the following devices: Cannsense9, Vitreousense, Cannabisense and Aurasense.

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cannabis engineering

Our mission is the excellence in Research & Development of Technologies related to the traces of cannabis and its bi products.

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Cannabis Sensors Inc. ( )  is a Bio-engineering Federally registered start-up company,  comprising a team of engineers and scientists engaged in research and development towards manufacturing of the next generation of scientific devices to detect delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) Through Air, Liquid and other mediums.

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